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Whiteflies are tiny, 1mm long. They resemble moths with white powdery wings. As soon as the weather warms, they attack many vegetables and ornamental plants.



Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers & Trees

Attracted to


Control whiteflies by wiping plant leaves with cotton dipped in diluted rubbing alcohol or use a small hand held vacuum to scour whiteflies off leaves or even out of the air as they hover over plants.

Natural Repellent

To repel, try marigolds or nasturtiums.


Hang a yellow card covered with an adhesive over infested plants, whiteflies will get stuck, the larger the card the better. A yellow file folder is ideal. Whiteflies are killed quickly with this lemon spray. Boil 2 large peels or 4 small peels of lemons in 4 cups water. Cool, strain and place solution in a spray bottle.

Companion Plants

Nicotiana and Catnip lure whiteflies away from other plants.

Did you know?

Watering is necessary when transplanting, but be careful not to over water.