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Maidenhair Fern

English Name

Adiantum Capillus Veneris

Scientific Name


Adiantums are pot-grown ferns with delicate green fan-shaped fronds. These plants dislike cigarette smoke and gas fumes.





50°F - 70°F

Temperature (°F)

6" - 10"

Height (feet/inches)

6" - 1'

Spacing (feet/inches)



Water twice a week in hot weather, once a week when cooler. If plant is in centrally heated room, water twice a week all year round.


Feed once every 3 weeks in Spring and Summer with house-plant food sold for the green plants at 1/2 strength.


Re-pot in Spring using lime-free compost and in plastic pot. Adiantums like being pot-bound. Good drainage is essential, put pebbles or clay pieces in pot.


Divide mature plants in Spring, using sharp knife to cut the clump into several pieces. Keep them warm and shaded for a few weeks to hasten establishment. Or propagate from spores in early Spring.


Adiantums require humid atmosphere, does well in a steamy bathroom with good light. If the fronds dry up the plant usually be revived if it is cut back to about 1 inch of soil level. If kept warm, moist and humid, new shoots will appear.


Check the compost regularly to ensure that it is kept moist.


Give the plant good light but out of direct sunlight. Bright sunlight will scorch the fronds. Avoid cold draughts and heat sources such as heaters. Cut off the fronds that turn brown to prevent them from rotting.


In a steamy bathroom, in dining room if not too hot and dry, can be displayed on a window-sill, in a terrarium and in glass tank.


Spray daily with tepid water. Stand on saucer of pebbles almost covered with water.


Lime-free compost.

Did you know?

Scientists were able to revive a flowering plant from the fossilized fruit found in the stomach of an Arctic ground squirrel who was trapped in ice around 32,000 years ago.