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Spider Plant

English Name

Chlorophytum Comosum

Scientific Name


Chlorophytum Comosum are two of hundreds species in their variegated forms that are used as pot-plants. These are Chlorophytum Comosum Variegutum with green edged white leaves and Chlorophytum Comosum Picturatum that has green leaves with yellow stripe. They make an ideal hanging plants. These plants bear plantlets at the end of their wiry stems.

South Africa




45°F - 64°F

Temperature (°F)

8" - 1'6"

Height (feet/inches)

Maximum: 4'

Spacing (feet/inches)


Life Cycle



Keep moist at all times, water 3 times a week in Summer and once a week in Winter.


Feed every 14 days with house-plant food in Spring and Summer.


Re-pot in Spring in soil-based potting mixture, if the roots have filled the pot. The plant will turn brown if kept pot-bound for too long.


Divide plant from early to mid Spring, or stand plantlets in small jar of water. Propagation can also be made by pegging plantlets into a pot of compost with paper clips in Spring and Summer. When they grow new leaves, cut parent stem with sharp knife close to plantlet.


Chlorophytums will thrive best in a fair amount of light but not the mid-day sun. The roots of these plants swell and tend to push the complete soil-ball out of the pot. Allow 2 inches space at the top of the pot for the emergence of these thick white roots.


Chlorophytum does not mind gas appliances in the room. It is a plant that cleans indoor air pollution.


Shortage of food and water causes leaf tips to turn brown. Trim off brown leaf tip with sharp scissors, taking care to leave a small area of dead tissue. The plantlets can be left on the stems of the parent or can be removed for propagation.


These plants are popular for use in plant groups, in terrariums, bottle gardens, and are excellent in hanging baskets and pots.


Spray daily in Summer, twice a week in Winter.


Soil-based compost.

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