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Jade Tree

English Name

Crassula Argentea

Scientific Name


Crassula Argentea also known as Crassula Portulacea, is a succulent plant that develops into a shrub. Its leaves are spoon-shaped and are shiny jade green, often but not always with red ridges. Tiny pinkish white star-shaped flowers are regularly produced on mature plants with many of them clustered together to form heads. In the home it seldom bears flowers.

South Africa




54°F - 79°F

Temperature (°F)

2' - 4'

Height (feet/inches)




Water moderately during active growth period. Always allow two-thirds to dry out between waterings. During the rest period, water only enough to keep potting mixture from drying out completely.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks during active growth period only.


It should be re-potted into pots one size larger only once every 2 years, using clay pots as the weight of this plant makes it very top heavy. Use a mixture of 3 parts soil-based compost to 1 part perlite or coarse sand.


Individual leaves will root readily in Spring/Summer in the recommended sandy potting mixture, if kept in a warm room and in bright filtered light. Stem cuttings 2-3 inches long should be taken in Spring. Plant in a 3 inch pot of equal parts mixture of peat moss and sand and keep at normal room temperature. In about 3 months, after rooted move plant into 1 size larger pot and treat it as mature.


Crassulas need bright light with some direct sunlight. Inadequate light will cause all Crassulas to grow spindly. To induce the flowers to appear, the plant should be cool and dry in a bright situation.


This plant do not need a high temperature and it does well in a cool room in Winter and can spend the Summer outdoors.

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