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Firecracker Flower

English Name

Crossandra Infundibuliformis

Scientific Name


Crossandra Infundibuliformis is a popular plant grown indoors. It is a shrubby plant with glossy, dark green leaves and topped with bunches of orange-yellow, fan-shaped flowers.

Sri Lanka




64°F - 70°F

Temperature (°F)

73°F - 79°F

Germination Temperature (°F)

25 days - 30 days

Germination Period

1' - 3'

Height (feet/inches)


Life Cycle

Spring & Summer






Water moderately, enough to make compost moist and allow the top half inch to dry out between watering. In Winter rest period give only enough to keep compost from drying out completely. Avoid getting water on the leaves, never stand plant in water. Over Watering will kill this plant.


Feed with standard liquid fertilizer once every 2 weeks during active growth period only.


Re-pot small plants into pots one size larger each Spring. 5-6 inch pots with plenty of broken crocks in bottom, are likely to be the biggest needed. Thereafter, top-dress annually with fresh compost.


Sow seeds on the surface of seed and cutting compost in early Spring in gentle heat. Keep seed tray in light. Not all seeds will germinate at once.


Propagate in Spring or early Summer or from seed in early Spring. Plant 2 or 3 inch long tip cuttings in equal parts of moistened peat moss and perlite or cutting compost. Place cuttings singly in 2 inch pot, enclose each pot in a plastic bag and keep in bright filtered light. Rooting occurs after about 6 weeks and plant them in a 3 inch pots of compost.


Give Crossandras medium light during active growth period, but in Winter they need some direct sunlight.


Remove dead flowers as they fall. When all have died, cut off flower stem just above the topmost pair of leaves.


In hot dry rooms Crossandras are susceptible to attack by red spider mites.


In very hot weather stand pot on saucer of pebbles almost covered with water. Never spray plant or keep in humid greenhouse.


House-plant compost.

Did you know?

The smallest flower in the world comes from the Wolffia plant; commonly called watermeal, this plant is native to many parts of the world and has up to 11 different species.