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Ox Tongue

English Name


Scientific Name


Gasteria is a succulent plant highly regarded for both the effect of the leaves and the small attractive flowers.

South Africa




41°F - 90°F

Temperature (°F)

6" - 8"

Height (feet/inches)


Life Cycle

Spring & Summer





Water moderately in Summer, give enough at each watering to make potting mixture moist, but allow the top half-inch of mixture to dry out before watering again. In Winter water sparingly allow mixture to dry out completely.


Use high potash fertilizer 3 or 4 times in Summer months.


Re-pot every Spring in size larger pot using 1 part coarse sand or perlite to 3 parts of standard soil-based mixture. A pot of 6-8 inches should be the biggest required. Keep dry for 2 weeks after re-potting.


The best time to propagate Gasterias is during the Summer months by means of offsets which are easy to separate from the parent plant. If an offset has roots already formed, plant it in the recommended potting mixture. If the offset is rootless, leave it in the air to dry for 2-3 days before planting it. Gasterias can also be raised from seed.


Gasterias make ideal house-plants because they thrive in the warm, dry air. They flourish in shade rather than bright light. They should never be exposed to direct sunlight, particularly in Summer. The Summer sun will turn the leaves brownish.


During the active growth period place Gasterias in normal room temperature. During the Winter rest period, keep the plants in a cool position.

Did you know?

The smallest flower in the world comes from the Wolffia plant; commonly called watermeal, this plant is native to many parts of the world and has up to 11 different species.