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Blood Lily

English Name


Scientific Name


This bulbous plant is fairly easy to grow and will provide a splendid bloom. Some species are decidous and must be rested almost dry for 2-3 months. The flowers of all species are short-lived. Haemanthuses that do not produce offsets can be propagated from seed.

South Africa




50°F - 64°F

Temperature (°F)




Water moderately allowing the top half inch of the potting compost to dry out between waterings. When the leaves begin to yellow, reduce the amount and give dormant bulbs only enough to keep the mixture from becoming completely dry.


Apply a high potash liquid fertilizer to actively growing bulbs every 2 weeks.


When planting bulbs, choose pots that allow an inch of space between the bulb and the rim. Move the plant into a larger pot only when its roots appear on the surface of the compost or when the bulb edges reach the edge of the pot. . Otherwise top-dress it in early Spring.


Divide bulbs in early Spring just as the parent plant starts into new growth. Plant bulbs separately half burying them in the compost. Water each newly potted bulb sparingly for 4-5 weeks and do not feed it until the plant is well established.


Provide bright light with some direct sunlight everyday. Light is not important during dormancy.


Soil-based compost.

Did you know?

Scientists were able to revive a flowering plant from the fossilized fruit found in the stomach of an Arctic ground squirrel who was trapped in ice around 32,000 years ago.