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Sun Cactus

English Name

Heliocereus Speciosus

Scientific Name


Heliocerius Speciosus is the only plant of the 5 species that is normally grown indoors. This jungle cactus has slender trailing, bright green stems that branch from the base. The slightly scented flowers are funnel-shape which appear from areoles in almost any part of the long stems.



6" - 3'

Height (feet/inches)





Water plentifully during Spring and Summer, enough to keep the mixture thoroughly moist, but never allow the plants to stand in water. During the rest of the year, water more moderately, allowing the top half inch of the potting mixture to dry out between watering. Never let the plant to dry out completely.


Apply high potash, tomato-type fertilizer when flower buds start to form, every 2 weeks until flowering has finished.


The best time to re-pot is just after the plant has finished flowering. If the plant is tightly packed, move it into a pot one size larger. Use a rich equal part potting mixture composed of standard soil-based mixture, coarse sand or perlite and leaf mold. A 6 inch pot is likely to be the largest, even for a plant with stems that are 3 feet long.


Heliocerius is best propagated by stem cuttings taken in Spring or Summer. Cut off a branch 6 inches long close to the potting mixture level and allow the cutting to dry out for 1 or 2 days. Then insert it 1 inch deep into a 3 inch pot of recommended mixture. Keep the cutting in normal room temperature and in medium light. Keep the mixture barely moist.


These cacti benefit from limited amounts of direct sunlight so give them bright light. Never leave them in midday sun.


Sandy or loamy compost.

Did you know?

Less than 2 percent of the insects in the world are harmful. Most are beneficial.