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Birdcatcher Tree

English Name

Pisonia Umbellifera Variegata

Scientific Name


The only Pisonia that is a familiar house-plant is the variegated-leaved variety of Pisonia Umbellifera. This shrub rarely exceeds a height of 3-4 feet when grown in a pot. Its leaves are deep green marked with irregular patches of creamy yellow. Flowers are not produced on plants grown indoors.





50°F - 73°F

Temperature (°F)

Minimum: 4'

Height (feet/inches)


Life Cycle




Water moderately, enough to moisten the potting mixture, but allowing the top inch of the mixture to dry out before watering again. Give only enough during the Winter rest period.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks when in active growth only.


Use a soil-based potting mixture. Move young plants into pots one size larger every Spring until maximum size 10 inch pot has been reached. Thereafter top dress annually with fresh mixture.


Propagate from tip cuttings 3-4 inches long taken in Spring. Trim each cutting below a node and dip ends in rooting powder. Plant cuttings in a 3 inch pot containing equal amounts of peat moss and perlite. Cover the whole with a plastic bag and stand it in bright filtered light.


Pisonia needs bright light with 3-4 hours a day of direct sunlight. Its leaves lose their brilliant color if light is inadequate. Normal room temperatures are suitable all year round.

Did you know?

Watering is necessary when transplanting, but be careful not to over water.