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Boat Lily

English Name

Rhoeo Discolor

Scientific Name


Rhoeo is an evergreen foliage plant. It has long, narrow, fleshy leaves growing out horizontally from a central stem, which are olive green above and bright purple underneath. It has tiny white or blue flowers formed at the base of the stem, growing in a boat-shaped purple bracts.



55°F - 70°F

Temperature (°F)

Minimum: 64°F

Germination Temperature (°F)

10" - 1'

Height (feet/inches)




Water the plant plentifully during active growth period. At other times give just to keep the entire mixture barely moist.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer once every 2 weeks in Spring and Summer.


Re-pot annually in Spring use either peat-based or soil-based potting mixture. Rhoeos are not deep-rooted and may be grown in shallow pots.


Sow fresh seeds half inch deep in 3 inch pots of moistened rooting mixture. Enclose in a plastic bag or propagator. Keep warm in medium light. When seeds have germinated in 4 to 6 weeks, uncover the pot use standard liquid fertilizer once a month. When plantlets are about 4 inches high, move them singly into 4 inch pot and treat them as mature Rhoeos.


In Spring when offsets are 3-4 inches long, plant them singly in 3 or 4 inch pots of equal parts peat moss and sand. Treat them as mature Rhoeos. Seed can also be used in Springtime.


Rhoeos are best grown in warm rooms where there is a reasonable level of humidity. They prefer bright but indirect light or partial shade. Keep out of midday Summer sun. They can be planted in hanging baskets when its side shoots are allowed to develop.


Be sure to choose a basal shoot offset that has developed some roots of its own when propagating a Rhoeo.


Rhoeos dislikes draughts and fluctuating temperatures, both of which will cause leaf-tip browning. Peel off any leaves which turn brown. Overcrowding side shoots are best cut away to give a single-stemmed plant.


Spray twice weekly in Summer and Winter. In Winter use tepid water. Because they cannot tolerate dry air, stand Rhoeos on trays of moist pebbles.


Peat-based or soil-based compost.

Did you know?

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