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Pearl Plant

English Name

Sonerila Margaritacea

Scientific Name


Sonerila Margaritacea, is a low growing bushy house-plant with beautifully marked leaves. It flowers briefly in the Autumn with clusters of pretty little pink flowers. This tropical plant grows actively all year long.





61°F - 75°F

Temperature (°F)

Maximum: 1'

Height (feet/inches)


Life Cycle




Water moderately at all times, 2 or 3 times a week in Summer, once a week in Winter.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks in Summer.


Re-pot once a year in Spring, move plants into pots one size larger until 5-6 inch pot has been reached. Although as the plant tends to get rather leggy, it is often better to propagate new plants then to re-pot old plants.


Propagate at any time from mid-Spring to early Autumn by 2 or 3 inch long stem cuttings taken from near the base of the plant. Remove bottom leaves and dip in rooting powder. Plant 2 or 3 cuttings together in a 3 inch pot of moistened equal parts of peat moss and perlite or coarse sand. Enclose the whole in a plastic bag and stand it in a warm place in bright filtered light.


Give Sonerila bright filtered light all year long. It does not like direct light and mid-day sun can kill. It is ideal for growing in terrariums and bottle gardens.


Sonerila likes a moist atmosphere. Spray every other day, if possible stand pot on saucer of wet pebbles.


Loam-based no. 2.

Did you know?

Most plant cells look like little boxes full of green disks. The disks are called chloroplasts. Other organelles inside a plant cell include a nucleus (where the DNA is kept), a large central vacuole (where water and other materials are stored) and a complex internal skeleton or cytoskeleton made of various proteins.