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Indoor lime Tree

English Name

Sparmannia Africana

Scientific Name


Sparmannia is an evergreen flowering shrub with large heart-shaped pale green leaves and slightly hairy in texture. It may produces clusters of white flowers with purple stamens when over 3 years old.

South Africa




45°F - 64°F

Temperature (°F)

64°F - 73°F

Germination Temperature (°F)

21 days - 30 days

Germination Period

1'6" - 8'

Height (feet/inches)




In Summer never allow to dry out, watering 3 times a week. In Winter water once a week.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer once every 2 weeks from early Spring to Summer.


Move plants into larger pots as they fill their pots with roots. This may be necessary more often than once a year, but it is best re-potted in Spring. A 10 inch pot will accommodate a 6 foot specimen.


Sow seeds in seed and cutting compost, just cover seeds.


In Spring take cuttings about 6 inches long. They root easily either in water or in a moistened equal amounts of peat moss and sand. Keep in a warm place and in medium light. Move it into 3 inch pot of house-plant compost when it is well rooted.


It can be grown either as a house-plant, in the conservatory border or in a large container. This plant grows fast, given the right conditions.


If it is growing too big for the available space it can be pruned in Spring. Dust cut with sulphur dust to prevent from any infection.


Use a clay pot with potting compost to counterbalance the weight of a mature Sparmannia.


Sparmannia grows best in bright filtered light. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, it can scorch the thin leaves.


Eventually the plant becomes too large for the home. A position near to a large window suits it best.


Spray 2-3 times a week in Summer, but not when the sun is on leaves. Stand pot on trays or saucers of moist pebbles.


House-plant compost.

Did you know?

Watering is necessary when transplanting, but be careful not to over water.